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Stephen Colbert on the set of The Late Show

"During COVID-19 sequestering, Scripto has become even more indispensable. Wherever my staff is physically, Scripto brings us all together and communicates the needs of production seamlessly. We REALLY couldn't do The Late Show without Scripto, now."

Stephen Colbert, Co-Founder

Also a client

Real Collaboration

Write with others in the same script at the same time, and see their changes appear live. Read at your own pace instead of relying on someone else's shared screen.

Running Commentary

Threaded comments let you make notes, share feedback, or pitch alt jokes that won't get lost in crosstalk.

Better Organization

Work faster in a shared folder system, import and organize your FDX files, and link people to scripts instead of emailing them as attachments. We promise: Less email.

Change Tracking

See what's been added (or removed) in each new draft, then send a link to the report or a PDF with revision asterisks. Revert to a previous version if you ever overdo it.

Production features

Move your script from the writers room to production with page locking, scene & dialogue numbers, and character reports.

Custom Features for Variety TV

Our studio script format is specially geared towards the unique needs of the genre.

  • Estimated timing includes the duration of media clips
  • Special exports for prompter and for rundowns
  • Free yourself from the antiquated systems that rule your professional domain



For hobbyists, students, writing partnerships and side projects.
  • Free for up to 3 collaborators
  • Unlimited scripts and folders, all in one searchable place
  • Live collaboration
  • Comments and threads
  • Revision tracking
  • Upgrade when your pilot gets picked up, and hit the ground running
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New Media

All of Scripto's features, unlocked for everyone you've just hired.
  • Unlimited users in your project
  • Scene and dialogue numbering
  • Page locking
  • Character reports
  • Prompter and rundown exports for variety TV
  • Live chat support
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TV & Film

Our highest level of service for premium shows. (Scroll down to see some examples)
  • 24/7 support
  • Zoom-based onboarding from our Emmy-winning staff that has onboarded eventual Emmy-winners
  • Custom contracts
  • Advanced security and compliance
  • And of course all our best-in-class writing and collaboration features
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Shows who know... trust Scripto

“In a world where we’re all suddenly working from home, Scripto is a godsend. It’s the fastest, easiest way for funny people to get their funny into the same script no matter where they are. It makes e-mailing FDX files back and forth look positively medieval; I honestly don’t know what we’d do without it.”
Adam Conover
Adam Ruins Everything
Our Cartoon President requires such a fast writing and production process. Scripto allows us to efficiently and reliably collaborate on scripts, 'gang' on jokes, rewrite, export production-friendly drafts, and more.”
R.J. Fried
Executive Producer
Our Cartoon President and Tooning Out the News

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