Collaborate on screenplays and studio scripts in real-time, from anywhere. We're offering free beta access so you can quarantine yourself, not your ideas.

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Collaborate Live
Write with others in the same script at the same time, and see their changes appear live.
Stay Organized
Work faster in a shared folder system with instant search and no locked files.
Track Changes
Easily see what's been added (and removed) since the last saved revision.

Shows who know... trust Scripto

“UPDATE: With all of us working at home during COVID-19 sequestering, Scripto has become even more indispensable. Wherever my staff is physically, Scripto brings us all together and communicates the needs of production seamlessly. We REALLY couldn’t do The Late Show without Scripto, now.”
Stephen Colbert,
Host/Executive Producer/Writer
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
“In a world where we’re all suddenly working from home, Scripto is a godsend. It’s the fastest, easiest way for funny people to get their funny into the same script no matter where they are. It makes e-mailing FDX files back and forth look positively medieval; I honestly don’t know what we’d do without it.”
Adam Conover
Adam Ruins Everything
Our Cartoon President requires such a fast writing and production process. Scripto allows us to efficiently and reliably collaborate on scripts, 'gang' on jokes, rewrite, export production-friendly drafts, and more.”
R.J. Fried
Executive Producer
Our Cartoon President